Electric Alice Kickstarter Campaign

Hey Guys!

So I ran upon a kitckstarter campaign last night and wanted to share it with all of you.

Amara is local to me and I absolutely love being able to support a local artist and having the ability to put this out there to people all over the world.

Electric Alice


Alice is curious, and she has always been curious. An ambitious but  inexperienced pilot, she signs up for a solo flight into unexplored space, stubbornly ignoring repeated warnings by her peers of the dangers of her expedition. She successfully arrives just beyond the furthest known boundaries of the galaxy, only to be snared by the gravity of a massive black abyss. Terrible wonders await Alice on her journey. Follow her through the rabbit hole and find out for yourself.

You may meet some faces that seem familiar, but do not trust that you know their story, and be prepared for something completely alien.

Electric Alice will be a fully illustrated, perfect bound softcover graphic novel. The interior artwork will be created using traditional media, such as watercolor and ink, and hand-lettered. This will be the first publication by my label, Conjure Comics, and my first time as an author. Those of you who follow my work already know what to expect, but if you’d like to see upcoming previews of the variant cover art and interior images, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

If this intersts you go and check her out!

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