My Invitation to the Kooky Kids’ Club

I am participating in the Kooky Kids’ Club blog tour hosted by Digital Reads Blog Tours. I love my invitation.


My Organization

My Bullet Journal.  I have images from my December spreads I have purposely tried to not write on them yet so that I could take pictures of the pages.  Right now everything is written on sticky notes with dates on them so that I can fill it all in later.

I start my month with a cover page and this month I went a little overboard with the stickers.

BJ 2018 December Cover Page

Then I have 2 calendars one for everything that is going on in Life: Dr. appointments, Jamie’s music programs, birthdays and so on. The second is a calendar for my Blog.  I markdown all of my blog posts.  This helps me plan ahead.

BJ 2018 Decmeber My LifeBJ 2018 Decmeber Blog Calendar

Next I have my Monthly Overview and a Projects Page. I use my overview to track a few habits a month, I set my monthly goals and this is a quick reference for any important dates. The Projects page is set up so that I can write in up to 4 monthly projects and there is space to be able to break each one down into manageable pieces.

BJ 2018 Decmeber Monthly Overview and Projects

Next I have my Monthly Bills and Spending.

BJ 2018 December Bills and Spending

Next are the weekly pages. After each pay week I have a grocery list.

Now I have my What I Read page and Bookshelf. As I finish each book I add it to the bookshelf.

BJ 2018 December What I Read

My Next pages are Added to TBR and my list of posts that I need to do that month.

BJ 2018 December TBR and Posts to Do

Then I have Notes pages.  Here I can mark down Anything that I find important and this helps a lot if I need to look back a month its all in one place this way.

BJ 2018 December Notes

And Finally I have my Monthly Stats.

BJ 2018 December Stats

This is the main way I keep myself organized.


December 3
Miss Honeybug’s Reads & Crafts
The Book Decoder
The Spoonie Mummy

December 4
The Bookworm Drinketh
Ashi responding to life
Zany Bibliophile
The Avid Inspri
Carla Loves To Read

December 5
Write Where I Read
The Cozy Pages
Audio Killed the Bookmark

December 6
Bookish rantings
Untie Readers

December 7
Lily’s Blissful Pages
Rosepoint Publishing
Sophril Reads
Ambivert Words

December 8
Jessica Rachow
Bookish Wisps
Swift Coffee

Digital Reads Book Tour Banner jpg

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16 thoughts on “My Invitation to the Kooky Kids’ Club

  1. Mary, I could never be that organized. I am a disorganized person, but I usually know where things are that I need. I make lists, then never follow them. I put things on my calendar on the wall and then miss things because I don’t look at it. I wish I had your discipline.

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