Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I am doing the Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag.  I was tagged to do this by three lovely people Becky @ Becky’s Book Blog, Whitney @ Whit Reads Lit and Brittney @ Perfectly Tolerable. You should really go and check all of them out.


  • Tag & link the person who tagged you
  • Tag and link me/this post (if you would be so kind, I love reading your answers!)
  • Tick/cross off the ones you’ve done
  • Tag another 10 people!

Received an ARC and not reviewed it

checkmark But I will have it read by the end of the year.

Have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley

XI have never used Netgally.

Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never did)


Folded down the page of a book


Accidentally spilled on a book

X not yet this year knock on wood.

DNF a book this year


Bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it


Read whilst you were meant to be doing something else (like homework)


Skim read a book


Completely missed your Goodreads goal


Borrowed a book and not returned it to the library


Broke a book buying ban


Started a review, left it for ages, then forgot what the book was about


Wrote in a book you were reading


Finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads


Borrowed a book and not returned it to a friend

checkmark in my defence, she knows I have not read it yet and I will give it back.

Dodged someone asking if they can borrow a book


Broke the spine of someone else’s book


Took the jacket off a book to protect it and ended up making it more damaged


Sat on a book accidentally



I Tag:

Anyone that wants to get this tag done before Christmas and has not been tagged yet.

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3 thoughts on “Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag

  1. Haha I love this tag! Thanks for participating. I can’t believe you got tagged 3 times! I love that you defended the borrowing and not returning a book 😂 reading through everyones tags it seems like everyone has done it, but everyone also has a reason/story behind it 😂

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  2. I think the idea of purchasing a book just because the cover is pretty is really weird. However. I recently found a book written in German at my local Goodwill with a buxom nude woman on a swing on it. I bought it just because I thought it was funny and maybe to see the expression on the cashier’s face! 😛 I rarely damage books but I am always willing to DNF is a novel just isn’t doing it for me.

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