2019 Bullet Journal

Good Morning All.

So I have debated on doing this post because I was not sure if anyone would care about what my Bullet Journal looked like. But I was asked by one person to do this so to me that is enough 🙂

This is my Bullet Journal for the beginning of 2019 so I have the first section as general year pages.  My first pages are what I would love to be my routine and a 2019 calendar at a glance.

BUJU 2019 Routine and Year

I then have the goals I have yearly goals and I am trying to break some down to also be quarterly goals so they are easier to obtain.

BUJU 2019 Goals

Next, we have a birthday chart and my Wishlist. The birthday cart had the first letter of each month across the top so that I add the person’s name go to the column of the month and put in the date of their birthday. This seemed the easiest because I don’t have to worry about the order I add people to the list. One of my goals for 2019 is to purchase fewer books so I am hoping to add them to my wishlist and then coming back and seeing if I still want them. I am hoping this will help me with impulse buying.

BUJU 2019 Birthday and Wishlist

Okay, I cannot do monthly TBR’s due to being such a mood reader. These next pages are for my Read Along and my 2019 TBR. Now the Read-Along is going through all of Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse books. This is my master list of the Read-Along and when the reviews need to be posted. Now the TBR is 10 books that I would like to read before the end of the year. These are books that I really want to read and for some reason keep getting pushed down my TBR. So I am hoping that by putting them on this list I will move them back to the top.

BUJU 2019 Read Along and TBR

Then lastly for my year pages, I have a page to list e-books that I have and I want to read.  I am hoping to pick up more e-books this year even though I read them so much slower than physical books. The opposite page is my January 2019 cover page. It’s nothing special.

BUJU 2019 E Books and BUJU Jan 2019 Cover

We are now to my January pages. So for each month, I have two calendars and this is why I started a bullet journal due to my need for two calendars. The first calendar is for everything life-related and the second is for my blog. This helps me schedule out posts when I actually get ahead.

Next, I have my monthly overview and my projects for the month. The monthly overview has a habit tracker, specific goals for the month and important dates that I don’t want to forget. The projects page is set up so that I cannot have more than four projects going on in one month. This helps me stay organized because I can write in all the steps I need to complete for each project and with only four boxes I can’t overwhelm myself with too many ongoing projects.

BUJU Jan 2019 Overview and Projects

Bills and spending. I think this explains itself.

BUJU Jan 2019 Bills and Spending

Now the weekly pages. I set them all up the same way. Yes, I’m boring but I like the structure and I don’t have to stress about coming up with *new* ways to do it each time. So I just have one picture.

BUJU Jan 2019 Weekly Spread

After a pay week I have a grocery list. This allows me to add things as we see we need them and I like the list broken up by type it makes going to the store so much easier for me.

BUJU Jan 2019 Grocery List

So onto the bookish pages, I start with What I have read this month. Now please do not judge the bookcase. It is going to drive me crazy all month.

BUJU Jan 2019 What I read

Next pages are what books I added to my TBR and posts that I need to do this month.  Whenever I am tagged in a post I add it to this list and who tagged me. I also add in any that I want to do so when I sit down to do some posts I have a list to choose from.

BUJU Jan 2019 Added to TBR and Posts to do

Notes pages are a must!

BUJU Jan 2019 Notes

Lastly, I have a Stats page. I am hoping to combine all of these at the end of the year to get a good look into what I have accomplished over the year.

BUJU Jan 2019 Stats

Well that I the start of my 2019 Bullet Journal. I hope you made it to the end of this post.

If you have any questions or comments please talk to me in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal

  1. Yay! I’m glad you decided to share 🙂 I love your pages! And I just figured your book shelf was uneven because you would put all the books with long titles on the bigger shelf because they will need bigger books! So you did it on purpose!

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