Review: Alphas and Airships by Melanie Karsak

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Alphas and Airships

Alphas and Airships by Melanie Karsak
Fantasy, Retelling, Steampunk
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With Lionheart as the new alpha, the streets of London are quiet. But above the realm, mischief is brewing. While airship pirates are a common plague upon the kingdom, the airship Fenrir proves particularly troublesome, especially on a full moon. Clemeny must take to the skies before these shape-shifting Vikings kick off a new Ragnarok. Easier said than done now that she’s down one good eye, a partner, and not to mention the fact that she gets motion sick. On top of that, the new scar across her face makes Clemeny feel like she’ll have better luck intimidating her foes than finding a beau. But Agent Edwin Hunter, recently assigned as head of Clemeny’s division, is proving to be an interesting prospect. Despite her apprehensions, it’s up to Agent Louvel to chase Fenrir across the heavens. Alphas and Airships is a retelling of the Red Riding Hood fairy tale set in Melanie Karsak’s bestselling steampunk universe.

Alphas and Airships is Book 2 in the Steampunk Red Riding Hood series.

What I thought

I reviewed book 1 Wolves and Daggers if you are interested in reading it please click here.

As Clemeny emerges back into the field she is given a new partner Agent Harper a new recruit into their department. There appears to be some unrest with a wolf pack in Scottland…okay I am just going to say it they are Airship Vikings Pirates! So in this book, you get a little Norse Mythology mixed in.

I am really loving this series and not just because a character I love from another series has a cameo. I like the character Clemeny and her determination. There are somethings that happened in this book that I really want to see what caused them to happen.

I only had one big drawback to this story Clemeny is obsessed with finding love. I get it that it is a product of the time period but it still annoyed me. I felt that it was a little over the top because she is such an independent character it just didn’t seem to fit with her personality.

If you have read the book and want to talk more leave me a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Alphas and Airships by Melanie Karsak

  1. I love the cover! The obsession with finding love would irk me a little too, I think. I don’t mind a teeny tiny bit of romance, but… I think I’m getting too old for books where that becomes a plot point. 🙂


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