Review: Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger

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Romancing the Inventor
Romancing the Inventor

by Gail Carriger
Supernatural Society #1
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Imogene Hale is a lowly parlourmaid with a soul-crushing secret. Seeking solace, she takes work at a local hive, only to fall desperately in love with the amazing lady inventor the vampires are keeping in the potting shed. Genevieve Lefoux is heartsick, lonely, and French. With culture, class, and the lady herself set against the match, can Imogene and her duster overcome all odds and win Genevieve’s heart, or will the vampires suck both of them dry?

This is a stand-alone LBGTQ sweet romance set in Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse, full of class prejudice, elusive equations, and paranormal creatures taking tea.

Delicate Sensibilities? 
This story contains women pleasing women and ladies who know what they want and pursue it, sometimes in exquisite detail.

Supernatural Society novellas can be read in any order.

Midway through 2018, I decided that I wanted to read the books from Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse in chronological order. This led me to start the journey of the Parasolverse Read-Along in August 2018. If you would like more information about the read-along please visit my post about it here. At the beginning of each month, I will have a brief read-along post go up letting you know what the book for that month is.

What I thought
Delicate Sensibilities? This story contains women pleasing women and ladies who know what they want and pursue it, sometimes in exquisite detail.

Just in case you did not read the synopsis above I thought I would put that warning here too. If this is not your thing turn back now.

If you are wanting to read this in timeline order then this book comes after Timeless. However, this book stands on its own very well.

This Novella was amazing and I could not put it down. 

My love for Genevieve goes back to the Finishing School series she was always witty and you never knew what she was going to come up with; however, I left the Parasol Protectorate series worried about her, she was just so sad and dare I say it lonely. For those that did not read the Parasol Protectorate series Genevive really got her heart broken in a very cold way by a little French girl. You can tell in this story she is in denial that anyone would love her and she has any love to give. This is a slow burn romance and I love to see Vive happy.

This review is very short due to me removing the part where I began ranting and defending this story. I looked through some reviews after I read the book good and bad and there were a few that really bothered me. Victorian London and present day is very different, and it always bothers me when people pick something apart due to the culture of the time. So instead of getting ready for work the morning, this was set to go live I am taking out the history lesson and the in-depth this is why the characters acted this way or said that section of this post.

Sorry for the rambling. Oh, and Werewolves are so much better than Vampires.

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