Review: Clockwork Image L.G. Rollins

Book Review

Clockwork Image
Clockwork Image
L.G. Rollins
(Steam and Shadow #3)
Paranormal, Steampunk, Fantasy,
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Vandals and Vampires Beware:
Tressa won’t let anyone stand in her way. 

After years maintaining engines and repairing machines, Seawoman Tressa Wimple has come into a shockingly large sum of money. It only takes Tressa a single breath to decide what to do—she will donate it all to Westwood Orphanage, a home for children who are otherwise bound for the streets. They saved her and her brother many decades ago; now, she wants nothing more than to reach out a hand to the small and helpless of London.

All her plans are derailed, however, when a faceless adversary decries Westwood and claims that the orphanage is a front for something far darker; as dark as an alleyway where Tressa first rescues a boy from a vampire. With the help of her brother, Jasper, and the tall, alluring Brox, Tressa determines to get to the bottom of the claims and protect the children, regardless of the risks.

When all that is dark is forced into the light, Tressa must face her most combustible problem yet: her own past.

What I thought
Seawoman Tressa Wimple now in her 40’s finds herself back on land and having to face the demons of her past. Westwood Orphanage was a dark time in her life; however, it is also the only place that is willing to take children off the streets. Even though some people were held accountable for the things that happened to the children there Tressa still has issues being near the place. Tressa discovers that the children may still be being abused and to get to the bottom of it all she needs help from her brother and Brox.

Clockwork Image is a novella topping out at 127 pages, but not once did the story feel rushed.  The pacing was good from beginning to the end. One thing that they mention in the story and something that our main character recognizes is that everyone has different strengths. Oh, and did I mention the romance in this book is a slow burn. I won’t lie I wanted it to happen through the whole book.0

This may be the 3rd Shadow and Seam book but they are all standalones at least as of now. There is another one coming out on the 20th of August!

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