Review: Stolen Bloodlines by L.G. Rollins

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Stolen Bloodline
Stolen Bloodlines
by L.G. Rollins
(Steam and Shadow #4)
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The heritage she never knew was hers. The future he never believed could be.

Jasper Wimple’s art is gaining popularity and life is falling into place for him at last. After meeting the Ambassador from China, a relationship that could propel him forward, Jasper’s street smarts tell him to steer clear of the man. But nothing could have prepared Jasper for a ghostly visit from one of the ambassador’s murdered victims, or taught him what to do when the ghost demands Jasper help protect his surviving wife and daughter.

Ju is done mourning a father she never knew for the entirety of Ghost Month, despite her mother’s insistence that they continue the tradition. Instead, Ju focuses on her upcoming audition—her one chance to enter London’s most prestigious dance school.

But then her mother’s life is threatened, and Ju sets everything else aside. Working together as new friends and unexpected allies, Jasper and Ju struggle to protect Ju’s mother and each other. With their own lives, the lives of those they care most about, and a budding romance all on the line, will they bring one of the most powerful men in England to justice before he silences them for good?

What I thought
This is the fourth book in the Steam and Shadow Series, however, all of these books can be read as stand-alones. This book picks up  3 months after Clockwork Image. I was so happy that we get a book about Jasper I really liked his character so much in Clockwork Image!  This book happens in a little over a month. 

I really liked this book once I started reading it I did not want to stop.  This book definitely had enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.  I liked Ju and how this story worked in Chinese culture the way it did.

If you like fantasy, steampunk, paranormal or some clean romance then you need to pick this book up.

My Rating: /55 Stars

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