Review: HEIST by Kezzy Sparks

Book Review

by Kezzy Sparks
A Melanie Perkiss Witch Hunter Novel
Fantasy, Paranormal
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A jilted ex. A scheming dark witch. A magical crime of the century.

Melanie Perkiss, Buffalo NY’s most capable witch hunter, accepts the onerous task of chasing down a sorceress who, while acting on behalf of a vengeful ex, has magically deprived a man of his genitals and vanished.

The case is as perplexing as it is urgent. The victim, Casey, is just about head to the altar with his girlfriend, and imagine the pressure this brings on Mel. Added to that, the witch whom Mel chases is not just cunningly elusive, she also has powers to destroy anyone who dares apprehend her.

Will Mell be able to corner the sorceress, recover the taken goods and save a doomed marriage, while bringing the conspirators to justice?

A thrilling modern-day magical mystery, with a generous touch of humor.

Mature audiences advised.

What I thought
I was kindly given a copy of this book by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let me first thank the author for sending me a copy of the book. When I was sent the synopsis it grabbed me and if I’m honest it made me laugh a little so I was sold.
This is not my typical type of book that I would pick up but I wanted to give it a go anyway.  The story was entertaining, and honestly how many of us wishes something similar could happen to one of our exes. Unfortunately for me, I did not like our main character.  There was just something about her personality that put me off early on in the book. Now with that said do I think that this is a bad book? NO. I just did not jive with a character, which happens.  We do not like every person we meet so why would this be any different. Do I still recommend it? YES!

If the synopsis appeals to you I say give it a go. Characters are like people we can not like them all and you may love her.

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