Review: Cage of Destiny by Jennifer Anne Davis

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Cage of Destiny
Cage of Destiny
by Jennifer Anne Davis
(Reign of Secrets #3)
Young Adult, Fantasy
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Destined from birth to be the next empress of Emperion, Allyssa grew up at court weighed down by the expectations of the crown. Kingdom and duty always came first.

Until now.

Having survived the brutal kingdom of Russek, she is given the choice to walk away and live a peaceful, quiet life. But it also means giving up everything she knows and everyone she loves. Before she decides, word reaches her about an assassination attempt. Donning her secret persona—that of a vigilante—she sets out to eliminate her enemy once and for all.

As Allyssa fights the demons of her past to save her future, she realizes she never had a choice. She can either embrace her destiny or be caged by it.

What I thought
Somebody tell me how there is more books after this?!?!?!

No really don’t because I can not wait to pick up the next one.  

Once I started this book I did not want to put it down. Sometimes being an adult is hard lol.  

So I loved how this book started out stating that this may or may not be the end of Allyssa’s story.  Since this series is now complete, I know for a fact there are 2 more books, but I don’t know if the main characters change or if its a continuation.  I have so many questions. I am going to make a guess that this is the end of Allyssa’s arc and we may be finally getting to see her brother maybe. I haven’t even read the synopsis for the last two books. Once a series starts I like to go in blind unless they are companions and the characters change with each book.  

One thing I can say for sure is that if the story was to stop here I would be satisfied. Which leads me to say that I am scared to death to pick up the last two.  I really like how this ends here and the characters have been through enough they deserve this ending. So here is to hoping we mix up the main characters just a bit.

If you enjoy Young Adult Fantasy that isn’t afraid to get a little dark then you should try this series out. I have loved the journey through these first 3 books so much.

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