Review: Wager for a Lady’s Hand: A Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance by L. G. Rollins

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Wager for a Lady's Hand
Wager for a Lady’s Hand: A Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance
by L. G. Rollins
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Forced into a betrothal with an abusive man, the only way out might be to beat her fiancé at his own game.

Miss Marianne Twisden knows her best chance at a safe and happy life is to marry a kind man and leave her violent father behind. When her father signs papers betrothing her to Lord Cockell—a cruel and even more violent blackguard—Marianne is desperate for a way out. Her new fiancé gives her one: if Marianne discredits Lord Sheldon Lockhart, England’s newest barrister, Cockell will release her from the marriage contract.

Lord Sheldon Lockhart is determined to rid his neighborhood of Cockell—a man who preys on gamble-hooked gentlemen by loaning them far more money than they could ever hope to repay and then extracting it mercilessly. What he didn’t expect was to fall for Cockell’s most beautiful victim, Miss Marianne.

The seemingly simple game becomes complex when a deep, abiding affection grows between Marianne and Sheldon. It is made all the more perilous when Cockell refuses to play by the rules. Strategizing together, Marianne and Sheldon must think several steps ahead if they ever hope to out-play their opponent and have a shot at victory and their own happily ever after.

What I thought
I was kindly given a copy of this book by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

First I want to thank the author for reaching out to me for an honest review.  I have read and enjoyed her steampunk series (Steam & Shadow) so I was really excited when I heard about this one since I am just getting into Regency Romance.

Let me start by giving a trigger warning for abuse from a parent. This is covered in the synopsis so it wouldn’t surprise you but I wanted to just put that out there.  It’s not graphic but it’s still there.

I loved this book and did not want to put it down.  I was pulled in from the beginning. Marianne is such an amazingly strong person considering how her father treats her. I love books set in this time where the women are valued for how smart they are. Which you get when watching the interactions between Marianne and Sheldon.

With the ending, the way it is I can see a future book and I am so excited for it.

You enjoy clean regency romance books then this is a perfect one for you.

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