Review: Lily for My Enemy by L.G. Rollins

Book Review

A Lily for my Enemy
Lily for My Enemy
by L.G. Rollins
(Lockhart #2)
Regency Romance
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He’s from Lords. She sides with Commons.
Watch out London, sparks will fly.

Felix Lockhart is tired of balls, tired of musicales, and most especially tired of society only seeing him as the heir apparent to a powerful seat in Lords. Then, one evening he meets the witty Jocelyn Hunt—perhaps the only young lady in London who isn’t impressed with him.

Jocelyn Hunt will never hold a seat in the House of Commons herself, but she is no less an ardent supporter. When she meets the brooding Felix Lockhart, she is determined he understand that the House of Lords simply cannot continue to ignore the changing times.

Though they quarrel at first, both Felix and Jocelyn find themselves irresistibly drawn toward the other. But when their roles as heir apparent and daughter of a prominent man in Commons push them apart, can their undeniable connection be enough to bridge two groups determined to hate one another?

What I thought
This book was received from the Author/Publisher, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I loved this story and I finished it in two days.  Even though this is the second book in the Lockhart series it can be read as a stand-alone. So far it appears that each book will focus on a different sibling in the Lockhart family.  This is A Proper Romance novel.

I really liked how this book wasn’t just about how the Lady wanted to be loved for more than her dowery or advantage of her family but how the Lord wanted to be more than his title.  I love a good enemy’s to lovers story and watching this unlikely pair come together and helping each other grow was just amazing.  I enjoy each interaction we get with the members of this family.

The epilogue sets up for the next book in this series and I can not wait for it.  I can’t help but wonder if one of the loose ends in this book will be tied up in the next.

My Rating: /55 Stars

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