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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? March 23, 2020

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Good Evening!

It’s the start of another week. It’s Monday! What are you Reading is hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind.

Recent Books
A Curious Beginning
A Curious Beginning
by Deanna Raybourn
(Veronica Speedwell #1)
Historical Fiction, Mystery
4 Stars
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London, 1887.

After burying her spinster aunt, orphaned Veronica Speedwell is free to resume her world travels in pursuit of scientific inquiry—and the occasional romantic dalliance. As familiar with hunting butterflies as with fending off admirers, Veronica intends to embark upon the journey of a lifetime.

But fate has other plans when Veronica thwarts her own attempted abduction with the help of an enigmatic German baron, who offers her sanctuary in the care of his friend Stoker, a reclusive and bad-tempered natural historian. But before the baron can reveal what he knows of the plot against her, he is found murdered—leaving Veronica and Stoker on the run from an elusive assailant as wary partners in search of the villainous truth.

A Heart in the Balance
A Heart In The Balance
by L.G. Rollins
Lockhart  #3
Regency Romance
5 Stars
Will be released on April 10, 2020

Lady Cassandra Lockhart is determined no one will taint the night her brother announces his engagement—not gossipy ladies nor backhanded Peers. When she sees a gentleman slip from the ballroom, Cassandra assumes the worst; he is off to rendezvous with a young lady. Such would surely spell disaster for the night. Certain she alone can protect her family’s good name, Cassandra hurries to stop him.

Lord Nigel Southcott is nervous over meeting his informant tonight. Still, at the predestined hour he slips from the ballroom and out toward the trees and shadows. Only too late, he realizes it’s a trap set by the infamous Le Renard. Equally as surprising is the beautiful stranger who comes to his aid.

To protect Nigel, Cassandra agrees to keep him hidden, knowing full well that doing so puts herself in danger of gossipmongers and French spies alike. Her reputation is on the line, and his very life—yet between the secrets and stratagem, a connection forms. Le Renard, though, is not willing to give up his prey so easily. Will Nigel and Cassandra’s wit and blossoming love be enough to save them? Or will the growing subterfuge swallow them both?

Current Reads:
I had such a hard time choosing what I am going to read this week many books were picked up and put down after a few pages.  The book listed below I started last night before I went to bed and I think its unique enough to keep my attention.  Well here is to hoping that this is not a slump coming on.

My Lady's Choosing
My Lady’s Choosing: An Interactive Romance Novel
by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris
Romance, Historical Fiction, Choose your own adventure
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This scandalous choosable-path romance novel demands you determine your own romantic adventure-and satisfy all your earthly desires along the way!

Endless scenarios of high romance, deep desire, and quivering…comedy await your tender caress in this choosable path romance novel. You are the plucky but penniless heroine in the center of 19th-century society, the courtship season has begun, and your future is at hand…

* Will you flip forward fetchingly to find love with the bantering baronet, Sir Benedict Granville?
* Or turn the page to true love with the hardworking, handsome, horse-loving highlander, Captain Angus McTaggart?
* Or perhaps you will chase through the chapters a good man gone mad, bad, and scandalous to know, in the arousing form of Lord Garraway Craven?
* Or read recklessly on to take to the continent as the “traveling companion” of the spirited and adventuresome Lady Evangeline?
* …or yet another intriguing fate?

Whether it’s forlorn orphans and fearsome werewolves, mistaken identities and swashbuckling swordfights, or long-lost lovers and pilfered Egyptian artifacts, every delightful twist and turn of the romance genre unfolds at your behest! Prepare to open your heart, open your mind, and open-this book.

What are your reading plans this week?

Let’s chat in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? March 23, 2020

  1. A Curious Beginning looks really good, like my type of read! I’m still reading mostly the same books as last week, I’ve had such a tough time concentrating on reading lately. Hope you’re having a good week!

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