Review: Oath of Deception by Jennifer Anne Davis

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Oath of Deception
Oath of Deception
 by Jennifer Anne Davis
(Reign of Secrets #4)
Young Adult, Fantasy
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For Savenek, there is no greater honor than protecting Emperion. While other young men his age study a trade, he attends a secret, elite military academy where he has been honed into a lethal asset for his kingdom. He can gather information without detection and kill from the shadows. Savenek’s own father is the schoolmaster, and he forces Savenek to train harder than any other student. As graduation draws near, Savenek eagerly awaits the vows inducting him into the Brotherhood of the Crown.

When a messenger arrives with news of war brewing on the horizon, the Brotherhood is called into action. Eager to prove himself, Savenek goes on his first mission alone. He doesn’t expect to uncover a treacherous plot to destroy Emperion. He doesn’t expect to join forces with someone outside the Brotherhood, let alone a woman. He certainly doesn’t expect to fail.

But then again, his father taught him nothing ever goes as planned.

Political intrigue clashes with romance in this thrilling story that continues the Reign of Secrets saga.

What I thought
I was very hesitant going into this book. I really liked how book 3 ended and a big part of me wanted to leave the story there.  I continued on because this author has not steered me wrong yet.

So this is Savenek’s story during the same time as the first three books.  Which brings me to believe that the final book is going to feature both siblings.  I have to say that I enjoyed this book very much you get to see how the twins are similar even though they were raised apart.  I learned things that either I missed in the first three books or I was just being told them.  I am pretty sure that these things were not in the first 3 however I can not be 100% certain that they were not mentioned in passing.

I foresee a potential love story for the final book and I am really hoping that it comes to be and both siblings can live happily ever after. They have both lived through so much I feel that they deserve it.

If you have read the first 3 books and are hesitant like I was I implore you to continue on. It is very much worth it.

My Rating: /55 Stars

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