Review: A Farewell Kiss L. G. Rollins

A Farewell Kiss L. G. Rollins
A Lockhart Sweet Regency Romance
Regency Romance
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She loves him. Which is why he can never know the truth, even if it means saying good bye.

Quintin Lockhart has been in love with Esther since they were children. After an extended trip to India, she’s finally back on English soil. But it becomes painfully obvious after their first meeting that Esther isn’t ready to fall into his waiting arms.

Esther Collingwood’s trip abroad was not at all the lovely adventure she’d been hoping for. Backed into a corner one fateful night, Esther saved herself the only way she could, sacrificing another woman’s happiness in the process. Unable to forgive herself, Esther determines she doesn’t deserve her own happily ever after.

Struggling to understand the change he sees in Esther, Quintin tries desperately to show her that he still cares. But Esther, drowning in heavy shame, refuses to listen to her own heart. When all that happened in India comes to light, will Esther be able to work through the darkness inside herself and find happiness with Quintin once more?

What I thought
I received a copy of this book from the Author, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Quintin is the third son in the Lockhart family and his father gave him an estate that he could run that would be separate from his brothers holding. Unfortunately, the estate was mismanaged for years before Quintin took it over and as a result, he has been barely turning a profit, which is better than the state it was in when he took it over 4 years ago. Which is not the best place to be in when you want to ask for the hand of your childhood sweetheart.

One thing that I have realized is that the Lockhart boys have a tendency to find women that are wonderful and smart and very underappreciated by their families. Which makes me adore them even more. Quintin is my favorite out of all of the Lockhart siblings and has been since he first made his appearance. There is just something about him that makes my heart melt. He is sweet with such a kind heart and from the first book he has not wavered in his devotion to Esther. Even though she has been away with her family in India for the last two years. Quintin’s goal has been to make a place that she would be happy to call home.

As much as this story is about Quintin it is also about Esther discovering that we are not the sum of our bad judgment. This is a story about self-forgiveness and healing. In a lot of ways, this is a story that I know a lot of us need at times. We can be our own worst enemy, but never are we too far gone that we can not be forgiven, but we have to learn to forgive ourselves first.

Not only is this book meaningful but it made me feel all the feelings I loved it. I could not put it down and I finished it in one day.

There is one more sibling to go and I can not wait to get her story!

My Rating: /5

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