Review: The Peace of Christmas Yet to Come by L.G. Rollins

Book Review

The Peace of Christmas Yet to Come
by L.G. Rollins
(A Dickens of a Christmas Book 3)
Genre: Regency Romance, Proper Romance, Christmas Story
Expected Publication: December 9, 2020

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Miss Martha Cratchit is barely making ends meet. As a woman who once belonged to high society, options to secure a better income are limited. Blessedly, the aging vicar agrees to pay Martha if she will clean the church house for him. He even agrees to keep her employ a secret, allowing her to keep what little standing she has left in society. Hopefully, the coin she earns will be enough to keep her and her two brothers housed and fed. It is a tenuous plan, but it is all she has.

Peter De Ath, Duke of Pembroke, hates everyone and everything; he has no qualms with his reputation as the Silent Duke. He’s been alone nearly all his life and is content to remain so. All he needs is a few minutes a week, alone in the church house, to commune with the one being who won’t judge him for his incurable stutter.

When a wisp of a young woman stumbles upon him in the church house, Peter finds his solitude shattered. Martha, for her part, is far too terrified of the Silent Duke to wish herself anywhere but far away from him. But fleeing isn’t an option; the cost of caring for her ailing grandfather is growing and she’s running out of options. It seems this Christmas may be the one that finally breaks her family apart. 

What I thought
I received a copy of this book from the Author, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This is the third book in the A Dickens of a Christmas trilogy. These books can be read as stand-alones, however, I suggest you read them in order.

This was a perfect ending to this trilogy. I rated all of these books 5 stars but this was my favorite book hands down this book was just perfection. Since this is the third book in this story am going to keep this brief and I will try to not spoil the story.

I love the strong family aspect of this story. Martha is just amazing. She is willing to go what it takes to take care of her family. Also she does not let Hugh just act the way he always has just because he is a duke. She sees so much more in him and pushes him to not hide who he is. Peter is a protective younger brother to Martha and older brother to Tim who really loves his family and I love his interaction with Hugh when he learns Hugh’s secret. It really shows how a lot of our reactions to things are learned. Tim was an amazing boy. He has such a big heart and truly sees the best in people.

Hugh the Silent Duke grew so much from the beginning of this story and it felt natural as the story progressed. I really felt for him. The more we get to know him the more we understand why he acts the way he does. And the more time he spends with Martha the more he sees that he doesn’t have to be the way he is.

Scrooge is our one common character in all three books. As the books progress you begin to see a change in him. And I loved how at the end of the story you get a small look into the future and you see where all of the characters from all three books end up.

I see myself reading these over and over again. I highly feel that you should pick up the first one if you like clean Regency Romances.

My Rating: /5

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