Review: Soothsayer by Kathryn Amurra

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Soothsayer by Kathryn Amurra
Historical Romance

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Aurelia has always valued love and happiness over titles and power. Though her kind-hearted father has allowed her to turn away suitor after suitor in pursuit of a love she cannot yet define, when he dies her choices die with him. Knowing that marrying the elderly governor of a neighboring province can secure her mentally challenged brother’s safety, she gives up on her dream of finding love in return for his protection.Cassius is the ill-fated captain of the governor’s guard tasked with escorting the Lady Aurelia and her unpleasant aunt to the governor’s estate. Since the soothsayer Tullia foretold an early death for him, Cassius wants nothing more than to keep his hands busy with labor and his heart free from any connections to the world he believes he will be leaving soon. As they work through a series of misfortunes on the road to the governor’s province, the words of the soothsayer start to make sense, and together they find the courage to allow their true destiny to unfold.

What I thought
I received a copy of this book from the Author, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This book is a hate-to-love clean romance set in Ancient Rome. I did enjoy this book so hear me out. With any book set in another time in history, you have to accept how things ran then even if they make my skin crawl. So yes I have a level of acceptance for this book that I would not if it took place in the modern-day.

Now with that said.

In this story, Aurelia is cornered into marrying the Governor of another providence. This man came to visit under the guise of paying his respects for the death of her father whom he served in the military with. Yep, this guy is older than her father. Aurelia is told that he will pardon her brother from the forced service in the military if she marries him. Her brother is what we would consider autistic today and it is obvious that should he enter the military he would not live long.

The Governor leaves his most trusted soldier, Cassius, to escort Aurelia to his home. On the way there they run into so many issues that had she not been doing this to save her brother she surely would have turned around. Near the end of their journey, they run into a soothsayer who they bring along so that she is not traveling alone. This just so happens to be the same soothsayer that Cassius was taken to when he was young and read his future.

Long story short both Cassius and Aurelia have had their futures read to them. The key is that you interpret the meaning not the soothsayer. I really liked that mystical aspect of the soothsayer. And the lesson that comes with her. Just because you think you have your future figured out does not mean you have intercepted things correctly.

The journey of Cassius and Aurelia figuring out that things are not what they thought they meant and learning the real meanings was very enjoyable.

If you like hate to love and clean romances then you should give this one a try!

My Rating: /5

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