Cover Reveal: The Devil You Know: Until You Don’t By Monique Singleton @digitalreadsbt @singletonauthor

Just wait until you see this cover! I am intrigued.

The Devil You Know: Until You Don’t By Monique Singleton

Expected Release Date: November 18, 2021

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A rogue priest joins forces with the Devil to bring down a terrifying religious conspiracy and free humanity from abject slavery after death.

When Heaven becomes the door to Hell, the only one you can turn to is the Devil.

We were promised Heaven in the afterlife, as long as we believed in God and lived by the word of the Bible.
We were good Christians.
We took care of our fellow men.
We deserved paradise.

What we got was eternal slavery, our souls reincarnated into another world where we were sold to the highest bidder and forced to work until we died yet again.
And all this was sanctioned by powers high up in the Church.
Worse even, they are the conduit that makes this possible.

Who do we pray to now?

Monique Singleton is a USA Today and International Best selling author of dark Urban Fantasy. She lives and works in a small village in the south of Holland. A Brit by birth, she has travelled extensively and finally settled down in Holland. In addition to her writing, Monique also holds a job as an IT business consultant. She lives with her two big dogs, two horses and two cats. The cats are the boss.

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