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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? December 13, 2021

Good Morning,

It’s the start of another week. It’s Monday! What are you Reading is hosted by Kathryn from Book Date, this is a weekly event to share what we’ve read in the past week and what we hope to read, plus whatever else comes to mind.

I am in a really weird reading mood. I feel slumpy however I want to read everything just seems meh. So we will see what I actually do read this week, if anything at all.

Recent Books

Ambush or Adore by Gail Carriger | (Delightfully Deadly #3) | Fantasy, Steampunk, Paranormal, Romance, Historical | Add to Goodreads

London’s best and most covert spy tries to escape the man who has always adored her.


Agatha Woosmoss, the Wallflower, is the greatest intelligencer of her generation. And no one knows she exists. She has been invisible, capable, and cunning for well over four decades. Her greatest skill is in her ability to go forever unnoticed. Except by one man.


Pillover Plumleigh-Teignmott is a professor of ancient languages at Oxford University. He’s tried to ignore his training as an Evil Genius and live a quiet life away from politics and intrigue. When an assignment goes horribly wrong, Agatha must hide and heal. So she goes to ground with the only person who’s always kept her safe, Pillover.

Can Pillover hold onto the deadly woman who specializes in getting away? Will Agatha realize that patience is indeed a virtue, and that perhaps it is good to be noticed by the one who waits? Spinning off from the Finishing School series, this story stands on its own and spans decades but was written after Defy or Defend. May contain vampires, old injuries, lost love, and the reappearance of many favorite characters.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 1 by Aya Shouoto | (The Demon Prince of Momochi House #1) | Manga, Fantasy, Romance | Add to Goodreads

On her sixteenth birthday, orphan Himari Momochi inherits her ancestral estate that she’s never seen. Momochi House exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms, and Himari is meant to act as guardian between the two worlds. But on the day she moves in, she finds three handsome squatters already living in the house, and one seems to have already taken over her role!

The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 2 by Aya Shouoto | (The Demon Prince of Momochi House #2) | Manga, Fantasy, Romance | Add to Goodreads

Himari Momochi inherits Momochi House, an estate that exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms. Aoi is the human Omamori-sama, or guardian of the house, who can transform into a powerful spiritual being. But once Momochi House had chosen Aoi as its protector, all evidence of his existence in the human world was erased, and he has never been able to leave. Can Himari break Aoi free?

The Demon Prince of Momochi House, Vol. 3 by Aya Shouoto | (The Demon Prince of Momochi House #3) | Manga, Fantasy, Romance | Add to Goodreads

Himari Momochi inherits Momochi House, an estate that exists on the barrier between the human and spiritual realms. Four friends come over to visit Himari, but Aoi can sense that one of them is no longer alive. This spirit is absorbing Momochi House’s power and is quickly transforming into a demon. Will Himari be able to stop its progression and save her friends?

The Werewolf of Whitechapel by Suzannah Rowntree | (Miss Sharp’s Monsters #1) | Fantasy, Steampunk, Historical, Mystery | Add to Goodreads

Murder, monsters…and a disreputable lady’s-maid on a mission.

A killer prowls the grimy streets of Whitechapel. Scotland Yard seems determined to turn a blind eye. But with one look at her best friend’s corpse, Liz Sharp knows the truth: the killer is a werewolf, one of the monsters that rules Europe.

If she doesn’t hold the monster accountable, no one else will. But Liz is a werewolf victim herself, her scars condemning her as the sort of female who’d sell her blood for easy money. Even if she finds out who’s responsible for Sal’s death, who would believe her?

Probably not the emotionally repressed princess whom Liz serves as a lady’s-maid/bodyguard. And definitely not the irritatingly personable policeman dogging her steps from the slums of Whitechapel to the palaces of St James.

As corpses mount up, Liz discovers that no one is precisely who she thought: not Sal, not herself, and certainly not the werewolf. The one thing she knows for sure? The truth will cost her everything. And Liz is hardly in a position to pay.

Luckily she has a few tricks hidden in the pockets of her trusty bloomers…

A witty historical fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of the Parasol Protectorate or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Follow the intrepid Miss Sharp into an 1890’s Europe ruled by werewolves, vampires, and sirens…

Currently Reading

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan | (The Wheel of Time #3) | Fantasy | Add to Goodreads

The Dragon Reborn—the leader long prophesied who will save the world, but in the saving destroy it; the savior who will run mad and kill all those dearest to him—is on the run from his destiny.

Able to touch the One Power, but unable to control it, and with no one to teach him how—for no man has done it in three thousand years—Rand al’Thor knows only that he must face the Dark One. But how?

Winter has stopped the war—almost—yet men are dying, calling out for the Dragon. But where is he?

Perrin Aybara is in pursuit with Moiraine Sedai, her Warder Lan, and Loial the Ogier. Bedeviled by dreams, Perrin is grappling with another deadly problem—how is he to escape the loss of his own humanity?

Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve are approaching Tar Valon, where Mat will be healed—if he lives until they arrive. But who will tell the Amyrlin their news—that the Black Ajah, long thought only a hideous rumor, is all too real? They cannot know that in Tar Valon far worse awaits…

Ahead, for all of them, in the Heart of the Stone, lies the next great test of the Dragon reborn…

Sherlock Holmes & The Three Winter Terrors by James Lovegrove | Sherlockian, Historical, Mystery | Add to Goodreads

1889. The First Terror.
At a boys’ prep school in the Kent marshes, a pupil is found drowned in a pond. Could this be the fulfillment of a witch’s curse from four hundred years earlier?

1890. The Second Terror.
A wealthy man dies of a heart attack at his London townhouse. Was he really frightened to death by ghosts?

1894. The Third Terror.
A body is discovered at a Surrey country manor, hideously ravaged. Is the culprit a cannibal, as the evidence suggests?

These three linked crimes test Sherlock Holmes’s deductive powers, and his skepticism about the supernatural, to the limit.

Sherlock Holmes and the Sussex Sea-Devils by James Lovegrove | (James Lovegrove’s Sherlock Holmes #3) | Sherlockian, Historical, Mystery | Add to Goodreads

Now retired from detective work, Sherlock Holmes is called on once again to do battle with occult forces. Unrest in Europe is threatening to turn into all-out war, and there are certain parties who would seek to gain from the mass slaughter.

When his brother, Mycroft, is found dead on a lonely stretch of beach in Sussex, the body covered in slime and hideously mutilated, Holmes unearths a plot against members of the Diogenes Club that has far-reaching, apocalyptic consequences.

With trusty Watson once more at his side, Holmes sallies forth one last time to defy the nameless, unspeakable entities from beyond who would wish to conquer the earth and make every human their slave.

What are you hoping to get to read this week?

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