Wrap Up

2021 Series Wrap Up and 2022 Series Goals

Good Morning,

Welcome to my first series update for, 2022 and let’s hope that it won’t be my last. First, I am going to share with you the series that I either finished or have read all the books released as of the end of 2021. I am going to try to keep up with my list so that I will be able to do a check-in later this year. In 2021, I was able to catch up or finish 17 different series, which surprises me with the way last year went. I am only setting this year’s goal to 5 series I am sure that by the end of the year I may have completed more, but I do not what to put any added pressure on myself since I have no idea what to expect with this year.

2021 Finished Series

Series that are Completed

  1. Powder Mage Series by Brian McClellan
  2. These Violent Delights Series by Chloe Gong
  3. The Paper Magician Series by Charlie N. Holmberg
  4. True Reign Series by Jennifer Anne Davis
  5. The Licanius Trilogy by James Islington
  6. Knights of the Realm Series Jennifer Anne Davis
  7. The Last Apprentice Series by Joseph Delaney
  8. London Steampunk Series by Bec McMaster

Series that are Ongoing

  1. Moriarty the Patriot by Ryōsuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi
  2. Sherlock Holmes Adventure Series by Bonnie MacBird
  3. The Last Hours Series by Cassandra Clare
  4. Crave Series by Tracy Wolff
  5. The Mistborn Saga ( Wax and Wayne series) by Brandon Sanderson
  6. Mao Series by Rumiko Takahashi
  7. The King’s Beast Series by Rei Toma
  8. James Lovegrove’s Sherlock Holmes Series by James Lovegrove
  9. Delightfully Deadly Series by Gail Carriger

2022 Series I am hoping to Finish

I am not locking myself into finishing these in 2022 but these are a few that I would like to focus on.

  1. The Goddess War Series by Jon Skovron
  2. Chronicles of the Bitch Queen Series by K.S. Villoso
  3. Reigning Kingdoms Series by Jennifer Anne Davis
  4. Gods of Blood and Powder Series by Brian McClellan
  5. Steam and Shadow Series by L.G. Rollins

So those are the series that I am hoping to focus on this year. I hope that I am able to complete them this year.

Are there any series that you are hoping to finish this year? Let me know in the comments.

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