Review: Queen of Oak by Melanie Karsak

Book Review

Queen of Oak by Melanie Karsak
(The Celtic Rebels #1)
Historical Fantasy

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Fated to lead a rebellion against Rome.
Destined to become a legend.

Britain, A.D. 42—Boudica, second daughter of a Celtic king, has little concern for tribal tensions and political intrigues. Called by the gods and the stirrings of her own wild heart, she listens instead to whispers of the oaks. But Boudica would be wiser to heed the warning cries of eagles.

Rumors abound that the Romans are amassing forces for another invasion. In an effort to consolidate power, Boudica’s father turns to Prasutagus, the formidable ruler of the Greater Iceni. To win Prasutagus’s aid, Boudica’s father must strike a bargain—a deal with implications beyond Boudica’s imagining.

What I thought
I received a copy of this book from the author, for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can not get enough of this author’s writing, I honestly have enjoyed everything that I have read by her. This book was hands down one of my favorite books of 2021. Before picking up this book, I was unaware that Boudica was a real person. After looking her up, I know there are a lot of holes in history regarding Boudica’s life, and I can not wait to see how Melanie fills in her story.

This book has it all: the stirrings of war, love, betrayal, old gods, adventure, and family just to name a few. One of my favorite things in this book is the way the characters interacted with each other. The banter between the siblings and the way they all supported each other was refreshing.

If you enjoy Historical Fantasy and strong female characters, then this is a book for you!

My Rating: /5

Have you read this book? If so what did you think? Tell me in the comments below.

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