Review: I Say Your Name in the Dark Nights by Jonathan Maberry

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I Say Your Name in the Dark Nights by Jonathan Maberry
Kagen the Damned #1.5

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I Say Your Name in the Dark Nights is a never-before published adventure that blends swordplay, action, adventure and horror.

Kagen Vale – disgraced former palace guard, damned by his own gods, on the run from bounty hunters and assassins— discovers that no matter where you try to hide, evil can find you. In this standalone short story, Kagen the Damned squares off against a clan of ferocious supernatural predators in service to the Witch-king.

What I thought

Thank you, Macmillan Audio, for a copy of the audiobook for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings expressed are my own.

Let me start by saying that I really did not like this book. So if you want to stop reading here, I totally understand. This story was completely unnecessary. This audiobook is only 1hr and 20 minutes long, so there isn’t much to it, but they were able to make the biggest part of it about an assassin who was the aggressor in a forced rape scene that became okay because she was hot…

Honestly, this story is making me really reconsider why I liked the first book in this series. It had many faults, but I though once we figured out who the big bad was, the story might progress in not such a sadist manner. Wishful thinking, I know.

I am only giving this book two stars because I enjoyed the narrator. He does an excellent job, and the content isn’t his fault.

Originally I ended this review with the statement that I was going to give the second book a chance, well I tried. It was like the author took everything that was horrible and sadist in the first book and turned it up to 10. I only make it like 10 chapters in before I just couldn’t do it anymore. So there will be no continuing on or review for that one. I would list all the possible triggers, but there are just so many I wouldn’t know where to start. To be safe, I am going to say if you are triggered by any abuse whatsoever do not pick up these books.

My Rating: /5

Have you read this book? If so what did you think? Tell me in the comments below.

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