About Me

Thank you for coming to my little spot on the internet! My name is Mary and and I’m the person behind Sophril Reads. I love to read and talk about books especially when I have a cup of tea in my hands. I started this blog back in March of 2018 so hopefully you will find something on here that you like 🙂

I began this blog as something just for me after a near death scare, and I have continued it because I love talking about books and supporting authors. How long will I continue this journey? I really don’t know but I hope you enjoy the ride with me!

All of the reviews on this page are based on my own thoughts and opinions. I have gotten really good at spotting books that I am going to enjoy so that is why there are not many unhappy reviews.

Please see below for my reading tastes and my rating system.

Reading Tastes

Since starting my blog I have learned a lot about my reading tastes. I have grown in my reading tastes over the last few years so here is an updated list of what I prefer to read:

Adult Fantasy
Sherlockian Mysteries
1800s Historical Fiction (Taking place in Britain)
Some Regency Romance (must have a strong female lead)
Manga (mostly taking place in Feudal Japan)

I still enjoy some YA books but not like I used to.

Rating System

5 Stars – The book blew me away

4 Stars – I loved it

3 Stars – I liked it

2 Stars – I really did not like the book.

It is rare for me to rate anything below 3 stars anymore.  If I am not loving the book I usually DNF it.  However, if I have read more than 70% of the book and I just can’t read any more of it I might rate it 2 stars.  Otherwise, I do not rate books that I DNF.

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