Hi, I hope you are having a good day/night.  Thank you for visiting my blog! My name is Mary and I am a thirty-something mother of a teenager.  I love to escape into a book with a cup of tea on hand.  I mostly read YA and Fantasy but I do dabble in other genres too.   I am new to this so please be patient.

All reviews that I do on this site will be my own thoughts and opinions.

I do love book boxes so you may seem some of those on here to when I am able to get one.

I use the typical 5-star rating system when I rate books:

1 Star – I did not like the book
2 Stars – The book was okay
3 Stars – I liked the book or I did not dislike the book
4 Stars – I really liked the book
5 Stars – The book was Amazing

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  I will get back to you but I do have a day job and a teenager so it may not be immediate.

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