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Book Blitz: Fool’s Paradise by Ophelia Bell

Fool’s Paradise
Ophelia Bell
(Fate’s Fools, #3)
Publication date: February 5th, 2019
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Deva Rainsong never expected to find a soul mate, now she has two and is on the run from Fate. The elusive divine entity has it out for her and has begun terrorizing the bloodline Deva has sworn to protect. Yet the young chimera and her five lovers still have no idea what it is Fate wants, or why she is so important to it.

The only thing she is sure of is that she needs a complete soul in order to have a chance at standing up to Fate, but for that to happen, she needs her human lover on board.

Bodhi Dylan is still getting used to the unusual, yet intriguing customs of the higher races. He’s fallen head over heels for the beautiful dark-skinned chimera, but doubts he can measure up to the prowess of his higher races counterparts. Besides, he can’t quite wrap his head around how the whole “harem” thing works. Because if he agrees to Deva’s proposition, that’s exactly what he’ll be part of.

But when he learns his participation is the key to her happiness, he’ll have to make a choice. Agree and risk inviting more of Fate’s wrath, or deny her to keep her safe.

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When you met the father of the woman you loved for the first time and half the people in the room knelt, it was probably a good idea to follow along. So I wasn’t sure why I didn’t.

Keagan, Rohan, and Willem all rested on their knees, heads bowed in front of one scary-looking dude. It still hadn’t quite sunk in that Deva had just introduced him as her dad. Mom had just given him lip—leave it to her to stand up to him. He seemed like someone who kept attack dogs around just to snuggle with, if a guy like him even snuggled.

Nikhil was well over six feet tall—probably not as tall as Willem, but he made up for the difference in sheer, domineering presence. His simple black cotton T-shirt and jeans might have been unassuming, but they highlighted how fucking intimidating he was. Even the glowing tattoos around his neck and wrists made him seem more menacing. His black hair was trimmed high and tight, and his steel-gray eyes glinted like sharp daggers as he took in the room.

He barely glanced at the three men on their knees, passing over them quickly. His eyes narrowed as they reached Ozzie, and his jaw twitched when his gaze landed on Llyr. Neither Llyr nor Ozzie had knelt. Ozzie leaned casually against one wall, completely unfazed by Nikhil’s arrival, but Llyr . . . Both his hands were clenched into fists so tight his knuckles were bone-white.

“At ease,” Nikhil rumbled down to the trio on the ground, and they immediately stood. Shit, had Deva told me he was military? Then Nikhil’s attention slipped to Deva and his entire demeanor shifted. His face lit up in a huge smile and he stretched out his arms. “Baby girl, I missed you.”

Deva squeezed my hand as she passed and gave me a reassuring look, making me feel a little less like a jerk for not bowing to her dad. I still wished she’d prepared me a little better for this, but feeling out of my element had kind of become my natural state lately.

She slipped into her father’s arms, the tension slipping away from her as he held her tight. His eyes grew glassy and his brows twitched for the briefest second before the show of tenderness disappeared so completely I wondered if I’d imagined it.

“You should have come to us before it got to this. We’d have helped,” he said.

“I needed to prove I could take care of myself,” Deva replied.

“We never thought you couldn’t.”

“I needed to prove it to myself, Dad. And I honestly don’t believe there’s anything any of you could have done to help the bloodline. I’m the only one who can find them, and I’m the only one . . . or I was the only one who could see the fate hounds. Now I have help, so you don’t need to be here.” She glanced back at the rest of us, and I straightened as Nikhil’s gaze landed on me. His dark eyebrows lifted the tiniest bit before he glanced at my mom and smiled.

“Who are your friends? I know those two fuckers already.” He jabbed a thumb at Ozzie and Llyr. “And I remember Willem from the Haven War.” He clapped the big man on the shoulder and Willem nodded.

“They’re our replacements.” A jovial male voice filtered in from the entry to the suite as three more people entered. Didn’t this place have locks on the goddamn doors?

But when I saw who it was, I finally did have a sudden urge to drop to my knees, because I was in the presence of fucking greatness.

“Holy motherfucking fuck,” I murmured when Lukas North appeared, followed by his brother Iszak and then Belah, who I’d only seen with the band a handful of times, but whose face was unforgettable. “Fate’s Fools, in the flesh.”

Author Bio:

Ophelia Bell loves a good bad-boy and especially strong women in her stories. Women who aren’t apologetic about enjoying sex and bad boys who don’t mind being with a woman who’s in charge, at least on the surface, because pretty much anything goes in the bedroom.

Ophelia grew up on a rural farm in North Carolina and now lives in Los Angeles with her own tattooed bad-boy husband and four attention-whoring cats.

If you’d like to receive regular updates on Ophelia’s publications, freebies, and discounts, please subscribe to her mailing list:

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Cover Reveal New Covers: Tatum and Kallista by Sian Claven

1 sian

tatum-3d-single sian
by Sian B. Claven
The Butcher Books
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Everyone has nightmares but the silent girl from Tatum’s is crossing over to reality and when she does, someone dies.

In a quiet little neighborhood, murders are about to rock the community’s happy existence but only Tatum can make the connection between seeing the girl from her nightmare and the deaths that are occurring.

The second time it happens another person dies.

By the third time, Tatum is left needing answers.

She has to ask, is she next?

Twisted and dark, Tatum will leave you wanting more.” – Toni Cox, Author of the Elemental Saga.

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kallista-3d-single sian
by Sian B. Claven
The Butcher Books
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All her life Kalli thought that her sister had lost her mind, seeing a ghost everywhere and associating it with death. Kalli wants her own answers though, and spends her life working towards being granted access to the Butcher files and solving the deaths that rocked their community all those years ago.

Things take a turn for the worst when the haunting figure from her sisters’ twisted mind starts appearing to Kalli and she is left questioning her sanity and whether the Butcher is back.

Kalli must find the answers before its too late.

Before she sees the skeleton girl one more time.

Before she meets her own demise.

Chilling and terrifying from beginning to end and excellently written.” – Shan Dinnie.

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sian b. claven
Hailing from Johannesburg South Africa, Sian B. Claven has enjoyed stories for all her life, whether she was reading them or making them. She has written for as long as she can remember, but Ensnared is the first book she decided to publish. Moving towards writing more for the horror / paranormal thriller genre, Sian has subsequently published the first two books in The Butcher Books series, Tatum and Kallista. When Sian isn’t thinking of ways to terrify people, she enjoys writing science fiction stories, poetry and rather long and gushy birthday wishes. When she isn’t working on her writing you can find her knitting, scrapbooking, reading, or playing Xbox. Sian previously reviewed for The Blithering Bibliomaniacs and still reviews in her private capacity. She clearly doesn’t know what the words rest and relaxation mean, at least not in the traditional sense.

Connect with Sian
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Blog Tour: Can you hula like Hilo Hattie by Tyler Colins

Can you hula like Hilo Hattie
Can you hula like Hilo Hattie
by Tyler Colins
Publication date: August 13th, 2016
Genres: Mystery

The novice sleuths accept their first official detecting assignment: uncovering the “secret” of an elderly millionaire’s pretty young wife. If they succeed, their newly founded business, The Triple Threat Investigation Agency, will prove a viable venture.

The twist: the wife is found murdered along Oahu’s sapphire shores. And there’s a secret all right, one of many, but they’re not all the deceased woman’s. Who of the unconventional cast of characters is the murderer? As JJ (Jill), Rey and Linda begin fitting puzzle pieces together, they stumble upon a few more bodies.

A straightforward task becomes anything but. They’ve dealt with murderers in past, however, thanks to a wacky “collect your inheritance” week in Connecticut; while this new set of quirky personalities proves equally taxing, they have enough faith in their [budding] talents to persevere and unscramble clues.

Here’s an opportunity for the women to prove they made a wise choice in becoming bona fide detectives. Can they do it before the murderer strikes again?

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Brown Blurb

The aspiring detectives of the Triple Threat Investigation Agency take on their first official paying assignment: discover the secret of an elderly millionaire’s young wife.

It seems straightforward enough—until the wife is found dead in the sapphire Hawaiian oceanside.  As Jill (JJ), Rey and Linda strive to uncover the killer amid a cast of curious, unconventional characters, they stumble across several secrets and fall over a few bodies.

Piecing together the puzzle detours the trio—to the domains of drug pushers, informants, and gangs.  Serious game players, they play for keeps.  Does the trio possess enough shrewdness and savvy to beat the odds and win the game?

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Brown Excerpt

Carmie was the main focus of the mission, so I dug around and discovered her name at birth had been Carpella.  She’d been born in Tenafly New Jersey to Joseph Leone Carpella, the owner of a popular local pizza shop on Washington Street, and Lina Spera, a former aesthetician.  Gino, Carmie’s fraternal twin brother, was currently a prominent businessman in New York.  At a young age, he’d recognized there was money to be made in food that drew townspeople for blocks.  A well-conceived business plan, leg power, and lots of charm resulted in his papa’s delicious pizzas becoming available beyond a twenty-block radius.  In record time, Papa Jo Leone’s product moved beyond the borders of the borough, across the state, and then the nation.

At twenty-five Gino made his first million.  Papa and Mama Carpella remained in Tenafly, but instead of living over the pizza parlor, resided in a lovely six-bedroom house with enough garden space to grow fifty bushels of Roma tomatoes.

While sister was slim, brother was heavy, not from fat, but muscle.  In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Gino had talked about an obsession with staying fit (evidently, it ran in the twins’ veins), but his went beyond the physical.  In addition to daily one-hour workouts at 5:00 a.m., he hit the books frequently to engage the gray matter.  He’d even made it an objective to take two university courses every year.

As I drove to Kalihi, I considered all the information gleaned so far.  It was edifying, but pretty rudimentary.  Would it prove worthwhile and time efficient to dig deeper?  We had to prove Carmie was having an affair at the very least, but discovering she was into something illicit or that she had something to hold over her husband would be best.  Did the past matter?  Probably not, other than maybe demonstrating she’d been a flirt or skank.  That would go to character and integrity and all that.  But if she’d been a flirt or skank, wouldn’t William have discovered that?  Surely he’d have learned all he could about Carmelita Sangita Carpella before he’d married her.

And why marry someone of such a common background?  Was it true love?  Or a need to prove virility and/or have a trophy wife?  William’s first wife, Lucy, had been born to an aristocratic English family.  Fox hunts, high teas and Harrods had been part of the Howell’s routine—until she’d passed at the age of thirty, after five years of marriage.  A misadventure with a bunch of boisterous beagles during a fox hunt in Kent had cut her privileged life very short.  Like Carmie, she was slim and approximately 5’4” tall, blonde and blue-eyed.  Her nose, set between two incredibly high cheekbones, was quite pronounced.  Some might have called it Patrician if they’d been feeling kind, while others who were more candid might have called it for what it was: a Gonzo (as in Muppet) proboscis.  Snout, uh, nose aside, Lucy’s face held a noble and haughty air.

William remained single for four years and then met Lowella, the daughter of a Greek olive tycoon.  A whirlwind romance ensued.  They were married not quite eight months when daughter Sophia Bella was born.  Lowella passed after five years of marriage when a tractor-trailer totaled her and a Jaguar in oatmeal-thick fog along California’s SR 1.  Poor William.  He wasn’t particularly lucky in the sustainable marriage-love department.

I pulled into the Kalihi district and found a small parking lot in a tiny strip mall.  Before stepping from the car, I peered into the rearview mirror.  The peacock-blue cotton sun hat looked okay, but dark circles under the eyes didn’t.  I should have slapped on make-up, or at the very least concealer and lipstick, but really, why should I care that I looked tired and edgy?  The folks I’d be asking about Xavier wouldn’t.

I eyed a long, white clinic across the road.  Two young people, one scarecrow skinny and one sea-lion blubbery, shuffled from the entrance, whispered excitedly and anxiously shambled onward.  It was as good a place to start as any.  Maybe Xavier had dropped in.

My career as P.I. had officially begun.  Hopefully, in the process, I wouldn’t blow it—or get “blown”, as into bitty pieces.  What did I know about druggies and dealers other than what I’d heard at the stations I’d worked at or viewed on the idiot box, as Great-Uncle Warren called television?  My father’s uncle was the only relative I had ever known on that side of the family.  I’d never even met my dad.  When I’d been a baby, he’d taken a fatal roll down Mount Kilimanjaro during a botanical exploration (so the story went).

These folks had been babies once, too.  Innocent, trusting infants with lives to live and dreams to make happen.  . . . Or destroy.  Sometimes we made wrong choices; sometimes others made them for us.  And sometimes life simply wasn’t fair.

Brown Author Bio

TylerC BioPhoto
Tyler Colins is a fiction writer and blogger, and a sometimes editor and proofreader (books, manuals, and film/television scripts).  She’s also been known to create business plans, synopses and outlines, and film promotion documents.

Fact-checking and researching, organizing and coordinating are both skills and joys (she likes playing detective and developing structure).

Her fiction audience: lovers of female-sleuth mysteries.  Her genres of preference: mysteries (needless to say), women’s fiction, informative and “affirmative” non-fiction.

She aims to provide readers with smiles and chuckles like the ever-talented Janet Evanovich and missed Lawrence Sanders, the “coziness” of Jessica Fletcher, and a few diversions and distractions as only long-time pros Jonathan Kellerman and Kathy Reichs can craft.

Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Book Tour: The Kooky Kids Club by Robbie Yates

The_Kooky_Kids'_Club_Cover - Small Outlined

Maxine is smart, quirky, and a bit of a misfit. One day, she receives a mysterious invitation to a meeting of the “Kooky Kids’ Club.”

 Things are looking bright. It’s nice to finally have a real group of friends. Then Maxine’s teacher disappears.

 Maxine doesn’t know what happened to her beloved teacher, or how she can help. But if anybody has the smarts to help Miss Thompson, it’s Maxine and the Kooky Kids’ Club…

 This quirky chapter book is for the best kind of kids—the ones who are a little bit kooky!

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Excerpt Purple

One morning the following week, Maxine felt a gentle nudge as she came in from recess. She looked up. A girl with blonde hair handed her a small folded note. Her name, “Maxine James,” was printed neatly on the front.

Surprised, Maxine glanced up, but the girl just shrugged. She didn’t seem to know what the note was about either.

Maxine unfolded the note carefully so she wouldn’t tear the paper. She hoped it wasn’t nasty, but something about the handwriting on the front told her that this was something special.

Dear Maxine

Maxine folded the note back up and slipped it into her pocket. She bit her lip. Who were these kids, and what did they want with her?

She was baffled but curious. And when the lunch bell rang, she hurried toward the library, keeping her eyes peeled for a boy in green.

Purple Review

I have not read many children’s books in the last few years now that my daughter is a teenager. So I was not sure what I was going to think about this and I was so surprised to find how much I loved it. I really wish that this book was around when my daughter was younger. The main theme of this book is show kids that it is okay to be different and to embrace it. Maxine our main character grows so much in this story.  She learns that being different is okay and should be celebrated.

To be perfectly honest I would love to see this book in schools. I think this is important for all children to learn and maybe Maxine’s story can help give them confidence.

I recommend this story to anyone that has young children.

5 Stars

Author Bio Purple

Hipster breakfast egg characters with mustache, beard, black bowler hat and glasses. Creative design holiday poster eggs cups. drawn gentleman faces vintage style. gray background.
Robbie Yates is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He likes cocoa, cheeky poetry, and eating all of the red jellybeans before anybody else can get to them.

In his free time, Robbie likes to read ridiculous and wacky kids’ fiction. He also likes practical jokes and terrible puns.


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My Invitation to the Kooky Kids’ Club

I am participating in the Kooky Kids’ Club blog tour hosted by Digital Reads Blog Tours. I love my invitation.


My Organization

My Bullet Journal.  I have images from my December spreads I have purposely tried to not write on them yet so that I could take pictures of the pages.  Right now everything is written on sticky notes with dates on them so that I can fill it all in later.

I start my month with a cover page and this month I went a little overboard with the stickers.

BJ 2018 December Cover Page

Then I have 2 calendars one for everything that is going on in Life: Dr. appointments, Jamie’s music programs, birthdays and so on. The second is a calendar for my Blog.  I markdown all of my blog posts.  This helps me plan ahead.

BJ 2018 Decmeber My LifeBJ 2018 Decmeber Blog Calendar

Next I have my Monthly Overview and a Projects Page. I use my overview to track a few habits a month, I set my monthly goals and this is a quick reference for any important dates. The Projects page is set up so that I can write in up to 4 monthly projects and there is space to be able to break each one down into manageable pieces.

BJ 2018 Decmeber Monthly Overview and Projects

Next I have my Monthly Bills and Spending.

BJ 2018 December Bills and Spending

Next are the weekly pages. After each pay week I have a grocery list.

Now I have my What I Read page and Bookshelf. As I finish each book I add it to the bookshelf.

BJ 2018 December What I Read

My Next pages are Added to TBR and my list of posts that I need to do that month.

BJ 2018 December TBR and Posts to Do

Then I have Notes pages.  Here I can mark down Anything that I find important and this helps a lot if I need to look back a month its all in one place this way.

BJ 2018 December Notes

And Finally I have my Monthly Stats.

BJ 2018 December Stats

This is the main way I keep myself organized.


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Book Tour: Broken Arrow by Azaria M.J. Durant



Broken Arrow
Azaria M.J. Durant
(Darkened Destiny Saga #1)
Publication date: July 29th, 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult

An ancient power long kept dormant stirs in the shadows once more as one boy embarks on a quest to earn his freedom and the freedom of his world!

Magic has turned to myth, the Vaelhyreans of old to legend, and the power wielded by the ancients has long been forgotten. However, with Ealdred, a mere half-breed slave boy, myth becomes real, the forgotten remembered, and the power of legend is reborn within him.

Ealdred is merged into a world of mystery, brimming with deceit, where the remaining Vaelhyreans are in a desperate fight for their very survival. When Ealdred is kidnapped by the power-mongering dark lord Zeldek himself, he must make a choice; to commit his newfound magic to Zeldek’s service or die. But when he meets Bellator, clever yet treacherous servant of Zeldek, an alternative is presented to him: to escape from Zeldek’s stronghold and embark on a quest to find a cursed arrow and free the Vaelhyreans from the spell that keeps their powers at bay.

Yet how can he survive in a world where magic is illegal, half-breeds are hated, and the four countries are on the brink of war?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble

“Zeldek is coming for him.”

As he says these words, a raven screeches from the rooftop and soars into the air, disappearing beyond the thatched peak of the building next to us. Dread washes over me, and I look up enviously at the raven that can fly away so freely. Zeldek. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but it is meaningless to me.

“Why now?” Banner’s voice is tremulous, yet resigned. “He could have come for him at any time. What is he planning?”

“My source was unclear. Simply that he plans to capture the boy himself.” The old man shakes his head. “I must inform the council of this development. We may not have the numbers to wage war against him, but we can distract him while you get the boy to safety. We will reconvene at this location at midnight. Be sure he is with you then. If Zeldek gets to him first, I fear he will be beyond our help.”

Banner nods. “I will protect him with my life.”

“I know you will, little brother,” Ulmer says, resting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I must be off.”

“All speed to you,” Banner returns, lines of worry sinking into his brow.

Ulmer pulls the hood down over his eyes and slips into the crowded street outside.

No sooner has he gone than I feel a tugging on my shoulders, and I am jerked back into the wall. Next thing I know, I am once again breathing in the heavy air of the scullery, the flames of the fire dangerously close to my face. I stumble backward, my eyes stinging from smoke.  My foot catches on a loose brick in the hearth, and I hit the floor before I even realize I’m falling. All air flees my lungs.

When everything comes back into focus, the alley is gone.

The scullery, on the other hand, is too real. All five of the maids have stopped their work and are staring at me, agape, as if expecting me to sprout wings or turn into a worm.

“What’s it doing?”

“Stop that! Stop that, you hear?”

“Loretta, do something!”

Beads of sweat form on my forehead – whether from mortification or exhaustion is hard to say. A wave of nausea overtakes me and I feel suddenly very weak. I run my sleeve over my face, widening my eyes in a futile attempt to clear my vision.

“Sorry,” I mumble, trying to scramble to my feet.

My knees wobble and buckle underneath me. An awkward pause hangs in the air while the maids hang back, motionless.

Come on! Get up! It’s a dizzy spell. It’ll pass.

If anything, more of my strength is draining away.

“Are you alright?”

Stunned, I crane my neck in search of the owner of the kind voice. Faces swim before my eyes, only adding to my confusion.

And now I’m hearing things. Maybe there is something wrong with me.

The voice comes again, louder this time. “Are you alright?”

The face of a girl appears above me, genuine concern in her clear grey eyes. Even through the fog in my mind, I know her. She’s the maid that was hired yesterday. The strange, quiet girl with the pure white hair, like that of the aged – though she’s still quite young.

“May I help you?” she asks.

I stare at her, bewildered. “M-me?”

She laughs, a soft sound, like the strings of a harp. “Who else, silly? The pheasant?” She nods her head in the direction of the roasting bird, a wide smile on her face. “I don’t think I’d be much used to him now.”

I begin to answer, but stop myself.  I know the rules better than anyone. People who fraternize with half-breeds tend to get hurt, as do the half-breeds they associate with. I won’t see her get in trouble on my account.

“Sorry, miss,” I mumble, bowing my head, “but I can help myself.”

“Are you sure? You look a little pale.” Her voice isn’t so light now.

Pretending not to hear her, I grab the edge of a nearby table and pull myself to my feet. I fall into it, knocking a bowl of leeks onto the floor. No one moves to retrieve it.

“Did you pass out?” the girl persists. “Maybe you should lie down.”

“Please, miss,” I hiss, my gaze darting to the other maids in the room. The lot are eyeing the girl with collective suspicion and disgust. “Let me alone. I can take care of myself.”

She steps back, her brows furrowing. “I’m sorry,” she says. “I was only trying to help.”

“Annalyn!” barks an unusually deep, raspy female voice from across the room.

The girl jumps at the sound of her name and backs away as a thin, sour-faced hag with a long, skinny neck and a terrible under bite charges toward us.

Author Bio:

Azaria M. J. Durant is a young, passionate writer of fantasy with plans to branch out into sci-fi and dystopian. She enjoys writing stories with action, adventure, unexpected plot twists, and fleshed out characters that challenge gender roles and expectations.

Azaria lives in Atlantic Canada with her family, cats, and dogs, and her big dreams to travel the world. In the moments when she isn’t writing, she is sketching concept art for her stories, participating in community theatre, or curled up with a good book and a bag of mint chocolates.

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New Releases

Book Tour: The Scythian Trials by Elizabeth Isaacs

The Scythian Trials
Elizabeth Isaacs
Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: October 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction

Descendants of the Amazons, the Scythians work alongside prominent governments but answer to no one. Warriors living on the fringe of civilization, they live by one credo: Strength through Equality. Power through Knowledge.

Nya Thalestris is the brightest Scythian of her generation. Strong, capable, ruthless, she is sure to earn a spot in the Trials, a time-honored mating ritual responsible for the evolution of her species.

Abducted by their sworn enemy, the Drahzda, Nya is forever altered and spirals out of control. The Society sends in Jax Nickius. Infamous psychologist and one of the most brutal warriors of their kind, he discovers triggers planted in Nya’s mind. As Nya solidifies her spot in the Trials, Jax develops a plan to help her heal—while pursuing her as a mate. But, Nya’s attraction to Jax is at war with her instinct to never let anyone get too close.

During the Trials, Nya’s repressed memories surface, revealing a new enemy—one from inside the consulate walls—and a traitorous alliance on the horizon that could irrevocably change the course of history.

Since before the Bronze Age, the Society has managed to safeguard humanity from itself … until now.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

Clouds billowed over the consulate’s heavy woodlands, floating in the bright sky, their white tufts peeking through the coliseum’s elegant open arches. Nya marveled that such a massive stone structure could seem at home among the infinite flora of dense evergreens and vibrantly flowered meadows. Most Scythian arenas were architectural masterpieces, but the Consulate’s stadium outdid them all.

She and Victor stepped beneath the entrance that led to the heart of the arena. As they entered the sun-drenched stadium, Nya stopped to watch the hundreds of warriors sparring.

The males were in the same gear they wore at lunch—black pants and bright jackets, which represented their areas of expertise. White, the hue for linguists, was sprinkled throughout the various colors of the science, technology and several weapons industries. Strangely missing was Tovaris black.

A hulk of a Scythian, skin the color of ebony, stood among the others, his dreadlocks pulled back in a loose ponytail, which hung down his back. His thick thighs strained as he charged, his biceps flexed as he swung a large pole with a double-edged axe on each end. The warrior used a halberd as if it were made of air, creating a clean swath through the others. His black eyes glittered with the joy of the fight, his bright white smile a contrast to his dark complexion.

“Who’s that?” Nya asked, admiring his form as he dipped and swayed.

Victor pulled out his tablet and tapped on the warrior’s picture. “His name is Aren Maori, and he leads the Scythians that protect parts of Africa.”

She strained to see around the growing crowd watching the display.

“He’s already their Suveran?”

Victor studied her expression. “Yes. Would you like to meet him?”

Nya swallowed. She had to admit, he was beautiful when he moved. The warrior must have felt her stare because he turned. As soon as he met her gaze, he dropped the weapon and jogged across the field.

“You must be the reason I’m here.” He smiled, his black eyes sparkled with a gentleness that contrasted his bulky frame.

“Aren, may I introduce Anya Thalestris?” Victor motioned toward Nya.

“Anya.” The warrior spoke slowly as if he was testing the feel of her name on his tongue.

She blushed. “Most people call me Nya.”

His large hand engulfed hers as he brought it to his full lips. “Most people call me Aren, but you can call me whatever you want.”

Author Bio:

Elizabeth is an author, teacher, and publishing professional who began her career as a national presenter for Resource Profiles, where she developed teacher seminars designed to foster creative brain stimulation. Moving into formal education, she helped at-risk students improve their writing skills as well as created and implemented a creative writing/blogging program that centered on teaching the 21st-century learner. Works stemming from this initiative were published online and seen in over 40 countries.

Elizabeth receives invitations to speak nationwide at schools and book clubs. She co-founded the popular book site, Chirenjenzie, which reaches thousands of people throughout the world. The writer support and reader interest group promotes and interacts with followers on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and various other blog sites. Elizabeth has a Master’s degree from Austin Peay State University, where she studied classical opera. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society.

“The Light of Asteria” received Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival. Her newest work, “The Scythian Trials” will be released in 2017 by Vesuvian Media.

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