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Parasolverse Read-Along – June 2019

Good Day, All! We are heading into the eleventh month of the parasolverse Read-Along.  The book for June is Romancing the Inventor. Will Madame Lefoux ever find love? I guess we will find out. Romancing the Inventor Pages: 193 Start Date: June 1, 2019 Post Review: June 27, 2019 Add to Goodreads Vampires are keeping an inventor… Continue reading Parasolverse Read-Along – June 2019


Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger

Timeless by Gail Carriger Parasol Protectorate #5 Steampunk, Historical Romance, Paranormal Add to Goodreads Synopsis Alexia Tarabotti, Lady Maccon, has settled into domestic bliss. Of course, being Alexia, such bliss involves integrating werewolves into London High society, living in a vampire's second best closet, and coping with a precocious toddler who is prone to turning… Continue reading Review: Timeless by Gail Carriger

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Parasolverse Read-Along – April 2019

Good Day, All! We are heading into the ninth month of the Parasolverse Read-Along.  The book for April is Heartless Book Four of the Parasol Protectorate Series. If you have not joined us yet and you want to please do! Heartless Pages: 401 Start Date: April 1, 2019 Post Review: April 25, 2019 Add to Goodreads Lady Alexia Maccon,… Continue reading Parasolverse Read-Along – April 2019

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Review: Blameless by Gail Carriger

Blameless by Gail Carriger Parasol Protectorate #3 Add to Goodreads Synopsis Quitting her husband's house and moving back in with her horrible family, Lady Maccon becomes the scandal of the London season. Queen Victoria dismisses her from the Shadow Council, and the only person who can explain anything, Lord Akeldama, unexpectedly leaves town. To top… Continue reading Review: Blameless by Gail Carriger